Thorazine Dreams

Published: October 25, 2016

Tag Line:

Take the Shot


When the line between the rational and delusional blurs, the dream becomes reality, and life becomes a nightmare. Experience the psychosis these stories induce, from tales of insanity to those of twisted hysterics. Take the shot, and enjoy the Thorazine Dreams.


“THORAZINE NIGHTMARES is a more accurate title, but THORAZINE DREAMS has a better ring to it. In these short snippets of horror, Kerry draws a common thread of substances and the power they control over us, with or without our consent. You’ll meet a variety of classic monsters in these pages, but some unique ones, too. And the monster isn’t always who it seems.”

— Kristin Dearborn, author of WHISPERS, STOLEN AWAY, and WOMAN IN WHITE

“Vic Kerry’s writing is always intriguing and engaging. His stories are woven with a thoughtfulness that few can match. I eagerly read any story he writes.”

— Lori Michelle, editor-in-chief of DARK MOON DIGEST