Short Stories

Here are the author notes about different short stories I’ve written.

Thoughts on Short Stories.

“Blue Day”
This was the first story I ever published for money. The idea came from a what if situation. I used to be a psychotherapist and worked in a rural area. The idea came to me one day: What if a client told me he’d been bitten by a zombie? This story was born. Because it was my first, I had to include it my collection Thorazine Dreams.

“Dr. Kildare’s Favorite Color”
This was another what if situation. I worked for a long time on a psychiatric unit. One day the social worker said, “what if you had to kill yourself after so many suicide attempts?”

“Jolly Old St. Nick”
I love writing Christmas-themed horror stories. This was the first, and it’s pretty messed up.

“Let Him Be Accursed”
On a late night drive home after going on a date with my now wife, I imagined a character with a blue flame produced from its finger. The story came from there. It is currently out of print.

“The Night Sputnik Spoke”
To this day, this story is one of my favorites. I consider it my first good short story. It was included in Thorazine Dreams because I like it so much.

This story was inspired by “All the Girls Love Alice” by Elton John. It’s out of print. I’m not even sure I have a copy of it.

“Sand Cuts”
I think that this is one of the stranger stories I’ve ever written. The story is about a different kind of vampire. It is currently out of print.

“The Silver Needle”
Racism is a real-world horror. Being Southern, I’ve seen it in action most of my life. This is a revenge story aimed at racists. I’ve seen it referred to as a bizzaro tale, but I never thought about it like that.

“Pabst Blue Ribbon Moon”
This is the first story I was ever recognized for writing by someone at a convention. I also thoroughly enjoyed writing it. It has one of my favorite lines, “Conway Twitty was the best dang singer.”

“New Orleans Best Beignets”
I read a story about a couple who rode out Katerina in New Orleans. One of them went crazy and killed the other, cooking the body. The story grew from there. This was also the first story I had published along side big industry names.

“Best Offer”
I remember being very proud when this story was bought. It is my go-to story at public readings.

“A Cat Named Hercules”
One night I awoke with my cat’s head in my mouth. The story grew from that. The title comes from an Elton John song, and it appeared in an Amazon bestselling anthology called Hazard Yet Forward.

“Red Teeth”
I originally wrote this for an anthology seeking “different” werewolf stories. It was rejected, but I like it anyway, and it eventually found a home.

“Dry Places”
This is a story wrapped up in my love/hate relationship with substance abuse treatment and religious centers that attempt to provide that service.

“Another Lost Boy”
I think this is one of my best stories. I like it because I got to revisit childhood while writing it. Any story where I get to do that is a good story.

“Black Rope Licorice”
This was a quickly written flash fiction piece. It was inspired by the wonderful horror anthology movie Trick or Treat.

“The Little Girl”
My imagination got the best of me one night. I went outside to get something from my car and thought I saw two red eyes staring at me from the end of my sidewalk. It was just the streetlamp, shining through my car’s brake lights, but it gave me a fright and this story idea. I also wrote one of our dogs into this story. He has since passed but will always be with us because of this tale.

“Psychotic Roses”
There was a patient on the psychiatric unit that would draw the most bizarre looking flowers you’d ever seen. I called them psychotic roses. The story has nothing to do with this, but I liked that phrase enough to make it the story’s title.

“Jeff Davis Whistled Dixie”
I wrote this drabble for an anthology looking for stories about different holidays. I chose Confederate Memorial Day because it might be the stupidest holiday that some state’s celebrate.