The following is a listing of the works published by Vic Kerry:

Short Fiction

“Blue Day” Nocturnal (2007)

“Dr. Kildare’s Favorite Color” 7th Dimensions Magazine (2008)

“Jolly Old St. Nick” Demonminds (Halloween 2008)

“The Night Sputnik Spoke” Hungur Magazine (All Soul’s Day 2008)

“Let Him Be Accursed” Sinister Minds (2009)

“Alice” Three Crow (2009)

“Sand Cuts” Hungur Magazine (All Soul’s Day 2009)

“Five ’til Midnight” House of Horrors # 9 (2010)

“Take a Penny; Leave a Penny” Everyday Weirdness (2010)/ Daily Frights 2012 (Reprint, 2011)

“The Silver Needle” Side Show Anothology 2 (2010)

“Closet Case” Flashshot (2010)/ Daily Frights 2012 (Reprint, 2011)

Rotten PeachesGone with the Dirt (2010)

“The Conversion of Preachers Jones” State of Horror: Georgia (2011)

Pabst Blue Ribbon MoonIt was a Dark and Stormy Night . . . (2011)

New Orleans Best BeignetsHelp Wanted! On the Job Terror (2011)

Spook TrailHalloween Frights volume 2 (2011)

“Door Sniffer” Daily Frights 2012 (2011)

BeastieUnder the Stairs Anthology (2011)

Best OfferDark Moon Digest 7 (2012)/ Best of Dark Moon Digest ( Reprint 2012)

A Cat Named HerculesHazard Yet Forward Anthology (2012)

Morgan’s SheepWhat’s that Scuttling Down my Chimney (2012)

ScarecrowSong Stories, Volume 1 (2013)

Red TeethDark Moon Digest, Volume 15 (2014)

Dry PlacesLiterary Hatchet #9 (2014)

Avalon KnockingThese Vampires Don’t Sparkle (2014)

Another Lost BoyDark Moon Digest 18 (2015)

Gilded LilyDouble-Barrel Horror (2016)

The Little GirlDouble-Barrel Horror (2016)

No Man’s Land DanceMental Ward: Experiments (2016)

Psychotic RosesATTACK! of the B-Movie Monsters: Alien Invasion (2106)


“Writing the Bones” Yellow Mama (2011)

“Bibliophobia” 50 Haikus, Volume 5 (2014)

Short Story Collection

Thorazine Dreams  (2016, Pint Bottle Press)

Long Fiction

Decoration Day” Samhain Publishing (2014) [stand alone]


The Children of Lot (2013, Montag Press)

Revels Ending (2015, Samhain Publishing)



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