The following is a listing of the works published by Vic Kerry:

Short Fiction

“Blue Day” Nocturnal (2007) {Available in Thorazine Dreams}

“Dr. Kildare’s Favorite Color” 7th Dimensions Magazine (2008)

“Jolly Old St. Nick” Demonminds (Halloween 2008)

“The Night Sputnik Spoke” Hungur Magazine (All Soul’s Day 2008) {Available in Thorazine Dreams}

“Let Him Be Accursed” Sinister Minds (2009)

“Alice” Three Crow (2009)

“Sand Cuts” Hungur Magazine (All Soul’s Day 2009)

“Five ’til Midnight” House of Horrors # 9 (2010)

“Take a Penny; Leave a Penny” Everyday Weirdness (2010)/ Daily Frights 2012 (Reprint, 2011)

“The Silver Needle” Side Show Anothology 2 (2010) {Available in Thorazine Dreams}

“Closet Case” Flashshot (2010)/ Daily Frights 2012 (Reprint, 2011)

Rotten PeachesGone with the Dirt (2010)

“The Conversion of Preachers Jones” State of Horror: Georgia (2011)

Pabst Blue Ribbon MoonIt was a Dark and Stormy Night . . . (2011) {Available in Thorazine Dreams}

New Orleans Best BeignetsHelp Wanted! On the Job Terror (2011) {Available in Thorazine Dreams}

Spook TrailHalloween Frights volume 2 (2011)

“Door Sniffer” Daily Frights 2012 (2011)

BeastieUnder the Stairs Anthology (2011)

Best OfferDark Moon Digest 7 (2012)/ Best of Dark Moon Digest ( Reprint 2012) {Available in Thorazine Dreams}

A Cat Named HerculesHazard Yet Forward Anthology (2012) {Available in Thorazine Dreams}

Morgan’s SheepWhat’s that Scuttling Down my Chimney (2012)

ScarecrowSong Stories, Volume 1 (2013)

Red TeethDark Moon Digest, Volume 15 (2014) {Available in Thorazine Dreams}

Dry PlacesLiterary Hatchet #9 (2014) {Available in Thorazine Dreams}

Avalon KnockingThese Vampires Don’t Sparkle (2014)

Another Lost BoyDark Moon Digest 18 (2015) {Available in Thorazine Dreams}

Gilded LilyDouble-Barrel Horror (2016)

The Little GirlDouble-Barrel Horror (2016)

No Man’s Land DanceMental Ward: Experiments (2016)

Psychotic RosesATTACK! of the B-Movie Monsters: Alien Invasion (2016)


“Writing the Bones” Yellow Mama (2011)

“Bibliophobia” 50 Haikus, Volume 5 (2014)

Short Story Collection

Thorazine Dreams  (2016, Pint Bottle Press)

Long Fiction/Novella

Decoration Day” ( 2014, Samhain Publishing [stand alone]/ 2018 Macabre Ink Reprint)


The Children of Lot (2013, Montag Press)

Revels Ending (2015, Samhain Publishing/ 2018 Macabre Ink Reprint)

Jubilee (2018, Pint Bottle Press)



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