As an Old Memory

As an Old Memory cover3

Published: August 4, 2020

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Small towns have long memories. 


The 1956 Homecoming Massacre shook the residents of Pinehurst to their very core, and it left survivor, Charlotte McAdams, broken for life. Forty years later, the McAdams family have become the victims of many strange happenings that seem to revolve around the fateful night of the massacre. As the anniversary draws nearer, so does the rope around the family threatening to destroy them all.


“Fans of intricate historical fiction and horror will enjoy this taut, powerful story.” — Publisher’s Weekly.

“A very solid ghost story which incorporates, witches, racism, family tragedy, mental illness and a ton of creepiness. Can’t ask for much more in a horror novel.” — 5 star Review

2020 Best Book Award Finalist for Horror.
2021 International Book Award Finalist for Horror