About Vic Kerry


Vic Kerry


Vic Kerry spent nearly 12 years on a psychiatric unit– as a therapist. He “retired” to become an junior high English teacher (the horror, the horror). He earned an MFA in writing popular fiction from Seton Hill University, where he had the opportunity to study with likes of Michael A. Arnzen, Tim Waggoner, and Scott A. Johnson.

He also earned a BS in psychology from the University of Alabama (before the reign of Nick Saban), a MS in clinical psychology from the University of South Alabama, and a BA in English from Athens State University.

Vic and his wife live in the part of rural Alabama known for closed coal mines and the industrial-level production of methamphetamine. They have 3 dogs: Hermes Elton Hercules John Reginald Kenneth Dwight, Napoleon, and Penny Dreadful (who they found abandoned in a cemetery). They are the domestic servants for two cats: Daisy and Hercules.

Contact: vickerry@rocketmail.com

Photo by Terrell Manasco, (c) 2016

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