Authors and Books Every Writer Should Read 2: Ray Bradbury

It’s been  October since I’ve posted here. There is good reason. The last of the year and the very beginning of the new is a horribly busy time for me. So, there you are, I had no time.

In the second post about the subject of books and authors every writer should read, we come to Ray Bradbury.

Even if you do not write spec fiction, there is much to learn from Bradbury. He was a prolific writer, claiming to write at least one short story a day. That’s dedication. This regime made him a master of words. He made stories out of literally any kind of thing. There seemed to be nothing that he could make a good story about. He mastered the ability to keep things interesting and move a plot along. His true talent was definitely short stories. Do yourself a favor and read them (maybe not all of them, but enough to learn from his talent). Check out his collections The Illustrated Man or The October Country. These are fantastic collections.

As a novelist, he wasn’t too shabby either. He wrote Something Wicked This Way Comes, a wonderful horror novel. Fahrenheit 451 is a classic of science fiction. Dandelion Wine is my personal favorite.

Bradbury never seemed grow up. His stories about youth and childhood were written like he was still in adolescence. His coming-of-age tales are some of his best.



Vic Kerry

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