The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

I finished The Heart of Darkness two weeks ago. I’ve not posted about it because I had an awful time since then. I won’t bore you with the details.

Of the classics I’ve read so far this years, Conrad’s story is my favorite. I can see the transition into the modern form of storytelling in this work. The premise is interesting. The characters convey strong feelings. Then there’s Kurtz. The whole story looms about the character Kurtz. It is a story of obsessions. The narrator’s obsession is Kurtz. Everyone else’s seems to be ivory of which Kurtz is excellent at securing.

I’m not sure what I liked about this story the most. I think that Conrad gives us a good unreliable narrator. Other’s might argue against this, but I think that our river boat captain was a little crazy for a time. I think that when he talks of Kurtz he still is. I think that the phrase and image of the heart of darkness encompasses more than the Congo River and the jungles of Africa. I think that the heart of darkness became trapped in the narrator’s own heart. It has a prolonged maddening effect on him.

Truly I think that everyone in the story is mad.

Darkly, (The horror, the horror)

Vic Kerry


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