Fiction First Aid by Raymond Obstfeld

Amongst my usual fiction reading, I’m also ready books on craft, style, and grammar. These are mostly read in bed prior to going to sleep. I recently finished a book I’ve had sitting around a long time. It’s called Fiction First Aid. It is designed to help solve certain issues in fiction. I found the book rather useless. If a writer is new to the form, it might be helpful. Unfortunately, I found that the author discussed movies more than books. I’m not a screenwriter, and even if I was he didn’t discuss screen writing. He also discussed his own books too often for my taste. Lastly, way too much discussion of Freudian personality theory. Id, ego, and super ego were discussed too often especially in the section on theme.

The only part I liked at that of the writing life. It offered the only real bits of substance I can use in my professional career. Fiction First Aid — DOA.



Vic Kerry


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