Eats Shoots and Leaves

I reread the book Eat Shoots and Leaves by Lynn Tress. This book is about punctuation, and the need to continue to use it correctly despite living in the world of text messages. It is written as a comedy of punctuation. The book is British and maintains its British usage.

I like this book and reread it to brush up on my punctuating skills. I recently finished edits with a publisher that doesn’t use the Oxford comma. It bothered me immensely. It think that Lynn Tress’ book is a great book for people who already know how to use punctuation correctly. For the layman, I wouldn’t recommend it.

It reminded me of my high school English class in 12th grade. Our teacher, a diminutive woman, made us memorize the rules of punctuation from our textbook. Each rule was numbered, and we had to randomly draw a number. You didn’t know which three rules you would get, so you had to memorize them all. It was the best thing she ever did. Because of her, I have a wonderful concept of where a comma goes as well as a semicolon and dash. Thank you, Mrs. Byrd. Thank you for the trip back down memory lane, Ms. Tress.


Vic Kerry


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