The Long Walk by Richard Bachman aka Stephen King

I planned for 2014 to be nothing but classics. However, I have had difficulty reading through the literary greats tha have been time-tested. Instead, I decided to go with oldies and classics of the genre.

I recently finished The Long Walk by Stephen King back when he was Richard Bachman. I found the story to be interesting enough to keep me reading although it has a dated feel. Because it was set in an alternate present, the dust on the story didn’t matter too much. While I read this book, I could help but think about a lot of the YA books out right now, especially The Hunger Games. The story had that feel to it. I even think that it might make a good YA film in that particular genre. Some of the gore might have to be toned down, but for a Stephen King book it wasn’t over the top.

I would give this book a three and a half out of five, maybe a four. I liked the breeziness of the story that didn’t get bogged down in the K-mart meanderings that so many of King’s later books have. King is his best, in my opinion, when he is writing sleek prose.

Read this book. You’ll enjoy it.

Vic Kerry


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