Christine by Stephen King

I decided to spend the year reading classics, but I got bored with the really old stuff. I decided to go over to horror for a while. I started off with Christine by Stephen King. It is of course the classic about the killer possessed car.

The real reason I started this book was more of a research for the book I’m currently writing. I enjoyed the book despite having seen a the movie a few times. To me, King’s best work in novels is his older stuff. I find his current novels too long and bloated. I assume this is because he is really edited for content anymore.  The book has mainly helped me work on my current novel. I haven’t got a title for it yet.

I’m continuing down the classic lane with another older horror novel. I don’t think it will aid me much in my writing except to keep my mind on writing horror.

Hopefully, I’ll update more frequently, but I doubt it. I’m wasting valuable fiction writing time, so . . .



Vic Kerry


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