Abandoning Readings.

So, just as a reminder, I decided that 2014 was the year of the classics of literature. I am working my way through books I probably should have read a long time ago. Usually when I set about to these things, I see every single one through no matter how long it takes. However, I started reading James Joyce’s Ulysses. Needless to say, I stopped well before the end.

I understand the significance of the book in overall idea of literature. It tried something unique, but to it for all intents and purosese, the book is unreadable. The stream of consciousness style left me flailing about looking for what exactly was going on, which I figured out was pretty much nothing. So I abandoned it. Perhaps sometime long from now when I may revisit this book, but it ain’t going to be anytime soon.

Classic count so far.

Madame Bovary (read)

Elmer Gantry (reading)

Ulysses (Abandoned).


Vic Kerry


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