New year. New posts.

So, the new year has started. I can’t believe that January is over already, but in these 31 days, I’ve been having a tough time. Several good things have happened. I’ve finalized drafts for upcoming stories (a novella from Samhain and a short story in another publication). The Children of Lot finally made it to Kindle.

Of course, there is always a flip side to the coin. Earlier this month, I was hospitalized for pneumonia. I had been fighting it off since before Christmas. Unfortunately, it wasn’t pneumonia. I have been diagnosed with new onset cardiomyopathy that caused me to go into acute congestive heart failure. I’m in my mid-thirites, so this was a bit of a shock. Now, I’m having to deal with that. As of now, there’s no clear reason as to why I developed the heart condition. Needless to say, this diagnosis and the treatment and life changes that suddenly hit me, have caused me to have trouble writing and working on a variety of projects.

So, there we are.


Vic Kerry.



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4 responses to “New year. New posts.

  1. A

    Though I do not know you let me start off by giving you my most sincere of gestures by wishing you well in this newly developed life of yours. Life is a series of horrific things that we have rationalized eventually and I do hope you are in better health soon. Anyway,enough of my ramblings. While I do mean what this bleeding heart comment has said I also wish to ask you a few questions should you see fit. If not than obviously no one could possibly blame you but if so, this hopeful eventual writer would appreciate it. A lot. Either way, thanks for reasing this attrociousness.

  2. A

    I apprecaite the shot. My questions generally are what caused the initial reason to write and second how did you even get started?

    • I write because I’ve always wanted to be a writer, or since about the age of 10. I’ve always done since then. The reason is for the fun and love of it. I started because I had stories to tell. Why horror? I write horror because I find it the most creative outlet for my imagination. When I write, it’s like being a kid again. I started my professional career when I wrote a story and submitted it. Then I decided to pursue an MFA so that I could teach writing as well. The dream of teaching hasn’t worked out just yet, but I keep on trying. I hope that answered the questions.
      If you want to write, just do it. If you suck, you’ll get better. Writing is an art not a science. Our art and craft improves when we do it. Publication is required to be a writer. It’s just a happy side effect.

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