What I Always Feared.

For many years, I have avoided doing certain things because I feared what might happen if I did.

I’ve never travelled to the UK because I am afraid I would like it so much that I would just stay. I don’t keep Reece’s cups in my house because I’ll eat the whole container in one sitting.

Now that I’ve published my first novel, I don’t want to do anythinge except be a writer. I had a notion that if I ever published a book that it would be like crack. I always feared that I would get a taste of being a “real” writer and want to do nothing else. In the month since The Children of Lot has been out, I found myself longing to do nothing but spend 8 hours per day cloistered in my basement office writing, writing, writing.  It is starting to interfer with me doing other things like, work.

I have a thankless, horrible job. It drains the happiness out of me as soon as I step into the place. It bothers me so much, I can’t write even when I have the chance.

Now my desire to run free in the fields of writing is clashing with my soul sucking occupation. It’s like cold air and warm air mixing together. A tornado is going to come. I’m afraid of what it will do.

Sorry for the therapuetic rant.


Vic Kerry


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  1. Terry Vinson

    Greetings, Vic. Saw your novel and bio on Amazon and felt compelled to give you a shout-out since I too am an Alabama native and author. You can scout me out at Authorsden.com. URL is http://www.authorsden.com/terrylvinson

    Hope to talk to you soon, Terry V.

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