Sad posting

I do not keep this blog very faithfully as of late. Only occasionally due I write a post. The reason is I’m not sure anyone actually reads it. I was sure that one person did though: J.B. Spence.

That is no longer the case. J.B. (my best friend and first fan) died on Wednesday June 13. He had muscular dystrophy. I will not say he suffered from it because he never acted like it got him down. Although, this is what took him out, I never heard him complain about having the disease.

He read this blog frequently. He read anything I posted on line or had published. I cannot say that for many people. Of my friend I must say, I will miss him very much. It is not often you get to have such a good close friend. At the same time, I know that he is in a happier place. Because even if you don’t believe in Heaven, he is there. It may not be the golden streeted place with gates made of pearl, but it will be a place he is free of the constraints of his disease. He will walk through fields and swing his arms the whole time. This can go on for an eternity.

J.B. Spence born 1974 and died 2012 at the age of 37. His lungs gave out on him before his jouie de vivre ever thought about it. He loved several things, Auburn, NASCAR and other racing in general, movies, and Hot Wheels.

Sadly (and of course Darkly)

Vic Kerry


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