Welcome to Schlocktober.

It’s October, the holy month of all horror writers and fans alike. A tradition I started a few years ago was watching a whole lot of horror films during the month that ends with Halloween. Last year, I tried the feat of 31 movies in 31 days, and failed miserably. This year I’m just shooting for 31 movies. So far I’ve gotten to one. I also that this year, I’m going to view sclock. Forget the good classics. I’m going for the campy, outrageous and plain dumb.

So, I started off with the 1972 classic, Blacula. His bite is out of sight.  Yes indeed. This is blaxpolation at its finest. All the Afros you can throw a stake at, and the greenest Honky vampires you will ever see. To follow up a documentary about the Beast of Geveudan in France. The acting is schlocky. After that an oldy goldy from the 1930s with a white Sambo character called the 13th Guest. I have no idea what it was about I had a hard time following it. I caught the great Vincent Price in House of Wax on AMC. Wonderful Camp.

This Schlocktober

1. Blacula.

2. In Search of the Real Wolfman

3. The 13th Guest

4. House of Wax (1952)


Vic Kerry


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