Schlocktober Update.

For some reason my original schlocktober entry took four days to post. Today I watched number 5. THE Final Destination.

First things first. I hate movie sequels that name themselves the original title and just add The to it. That is THE stupidest thing ever. Secondly, this series was a one-trick pony with the first movie years and years ago. It is the exact same thing every time. Some one has a vision of his gory, over-the-top-death, and saves people. Death comes for them.

After the first one, the whole point is how are they going to kill people now.

This one is true schlock. This one was horrible. I’ve avoided all these Final Destination movies after seeing the second installment. Horror movies work the first time. Sometimes a sequel does just as well, but oftentimes not. Slashers, like Final Destination (although arguably not slashers because the lack of a slasher type killer) have one trick. I don’t care how many times you show that trick over and over, it’s still just one trick.


1. Blacula

2. In Search of the Real Wolfman

3. The 13th Guest

4. House of Wax (1952)

5. THE Final Destination


Please if you read this blog. Skip THE Final Destination and any sequels made from the franchise from this point on. It’s the same thing over and over and over and over and over.



Vic Kerry


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