Let’s see what a reader from Amazon.com has to say.

I recently had a story come out in Pill Hill Press’ It was a Dark and Stormy Night… anthology. It was book of horror story/movie parodies. I was very proud to have “Pabst Blue Ribbon Moon” appear in this book. The story even got me recognized by the editor Shane McKenzie at WHC 2011 in Austin, TX. Well, he recognized by real name, but when I told him that I was Vic Kerry, he was like, “I loved that story.”

So, being the attention hog that I am, I google my name every now and then. Sometimes I check on anthologies featuring my work on Amazon.com. Today I found a review by a reader.  He had this to say about yours truly (or darkly if you will and even if you won’t) and “Pabst Blue Ribbon Moon.”


Vic Kerry’s `Pabst Blue Ribbon Moon’ is redneck humor at its best. Werewolves
aren’t the only thing to fear during a Full Moon.

I’m glad of this review because it was exactly what I was going for.



Vic Kerry


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One response to “Let’s see what a reader from Amazon.com has to say.

  1. Congratz dude! Nothing better then knowing someone is reading your stuff & loving it!

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