Back for an extended period of time.

I’m back to keeping up with this thing again. I’ve been on and off because of many things, but I’m going to try my hardest to keep up to date. I’m not finished with Shakespeare yet, but I will be very soon.

Other things going on.  It’s been a productive summer outside of teaching many classes. I’ve had several stories published and some waiting to be. The most exciting is “New Orleans’ Best Begients” coming out in the Help Wanted anthology. There are a lot of big names in horror in this anthology. I’m excited to be in such company. I’ll post a link to the publisher when it is in print, so that you can rush out and buy it.

I’m back to writing now. I’ve put my novel in progress off for a bit as I work on a novella that has my total attention currently. I have another novella I’m working on as well and a short story I want to get out. Everything is getting its time. Right now the current novella needs to be finished the quickest.

As far as reading, I’m working on Burn, Witch Burn, a classic of horror that most haven’t heard of. I’ll give it a post when I’m done.

I need to get back to actual writing. I’ve only don 117 words of my 1,000 word commitment for today, and it’s 10 pm.

Until next time.


Vic Kerry


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