Possum H. Puss Lovecraff (February 2007-August 16, 2011).

So my cat came to a bad end yesterday. My father’s dog, who he’d trained to be vicious, busted into my house and killed him, brutally. It happened while I was mowing the grass. I had no idea until I came into the house after finishing up, to horrible mess.

My cat was Possum H. Puss Lovecraff. He loved Lovecraft, beef, and “Love Shack”. He wasn’t the nicest cat in the world but was so full of personality, it was difficult to keep in mind that he was just a cat and not something more. I raised him four weeks up. He ate goat milk at first and ended up in the end weighing almost 20 pounds. He was a beautiful cat with long hair and big blue eyes.

The worst part of it all was that he was my muse in so many ways. I used him to craft the Vic Kerry persona. He was my voice box in so many things, as I gave him monologue. Right now, it is hard to think about writing creatively, and so I using this obituary to state to anyone who reads this that I’m going to be gone for a little while. I know that I’ve been absent a lot this summer, but I’m taking a short hiatus from writing to sort some things out.  I’ll be back though.

And today more than usual.




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