So apparently, I’ve been gone for a month. I didn’t realize it had been that long. This has been a crazy summer for my alter ego. He teaches psychology and composition as an adjunct instructor. Over the summer, he has taught seven classes. That’s the most he’s ever done. It almost killed him. During this period of teaching, grading, and driving, some things became neglected like this blog.

Vic Kerry rebelled and said that this blog with its very limited audience must be updated. Here it is. I’ve been busy this summer.

I’ve written several short stories and had several accepted to different anthologies. So far 2011 has been a good year for me. Recently Pill Hill Press published Dark and Stormy Night . . . anthology, featuring my story “Pabst Blue Ribbon Moon”. (Available at ).

Also Rymefire publications has put out State of Horror: Georgia, which includes “The Conversion of Preacher Jones” as the lead story. (Available on Kindle at

Beyond that, I’ve had stories accepted to Under the Stairs anthology, Halloween Frights Volume 2, Fearology 3, Death Rattle Magazine, Help Wanted: On the Job Horror, and Daily Frights 2012. I’ll have a poem in Yellow Mama as well.

I’m also working on my second novel and two novellas.  My alter ego’s semesters have finally ended so I can devote more time to writing.

There’s the update.


Vic Kerry


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