Henry VIII

I’m rounding out the histories. I tried to read them in order, but forgot about King John, who came before Richard II. So King John will be the last history, but this one is about Henry VIII.

I watched The Tudors. Every single season of it. I don’t remember the story going quite like this play, but then again, the writers of the Showtime series weren’t writing during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign and didn’t have to worry about getting their heads lobbed off.

Shakespeare tells the story of the demise of poor Catherine of Aragon and the rise of Anne Boleyn. It is told so that Cardinal Wolsey is the major villain and cause of all the tumult.

It ends with Elizabeth’s baptism and a prediction that she would be a great monarch. I don’t remember any of that from The Tudors. Anyway, my wife is going to read the play as well. She’s the closest thing to an expert I have on Henry VIII. I’m going to get her take, and probably update this entry.

One more history left, and I’m almost done with it.

Nearing the end of the complete works of Shakespeare, and of course, Darkly,

Vic Kerry.


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