Richard III

I remember years ago I read Richard III after watching the movie version of it. I liked the movie so much I just had to read the text. I enjoyed it. For a long time Richard III was my favorite Shakespearean play. Since then, mostly due to this experiment that has changed. I can still say that the play is my favorite history play.

I can’t say very much about Richard III that hasn’t already been said by so many more learned scholars. The character of Richard III may be one of Shakespeare’s vilest. He ranks up there with Lear’s daughters (except for Cordelia of course), Iago, and Shylock. He’s pure evil and full of manipulation. In that regard, he might be Shakespeare’s best villain. He is a master manipulator. He’s even better than Iago. The problem is he becomes almost paranoid at the end. It is undoing. That never happened to Iago.

I think that Disney should make a cartoon of this play. I’d like to see them water it down like they did The Hunchback of Notre Dame so many years ago. Of course, let’s not forget The Lion King, which is nothing but Hamlet with James Earl Jones. Disney made Robin Hood. It features King John, who Shakespeare wrote a history of (which I’m currently in the third act of)

A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse that’s made glorious summer by the son of York, and of course, Darkly,

Vic Kerry


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