The Necromancer by Michael Scott

While going through Shakespeare, I read other books along the way. I’ve been working my way through the YA series: The Immortal Nicholas Flamel. The fourth book in the series is called The Necromancer. It picks up with Nicholas and his wife in San Francisco still with the twins of prophecy.

I’m not going to give any plot information away. I am going to make some observation about this book.

I don’t like the character of Josh, which is a good thing. Author Michael Scott has done a good job making this little twit as arrogant as a 15-year-old boy really is. He won’t listen to anyone except the people who tell him what he wants to hear. I know adults like this mind you, and they bother me to no end. Mainly, because we know what’s going to happen if they keep going down that path.  The whole reason I’ll keep reading this series is to see Josh get his comeupins.

I liked this book. It continues to keep me enthralled with its magic. It also made me think what color my magical aura would be and what it would smell like. Shockingly enough, I think I would like for my aura to be either blue or green, and the scent something subtle like the smell of old books.

Darkly (with a blue aura)

Vic Kerry


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