Measure for Measure

Finally a comedy I laughed at.
Measure for Measure was a raunchy bit of sauce let me tell you, but it was funny. The whole idea was laughable. A whole dukedom under rule that no one could have sex before marriage. If you did, off with your head.
Of course, it happens. A nun-in-training has to save her brother by sleeping with the regent. Shakespeare outdid himself with this one.

Again, this is a play where the “I Love Lucy” factor comes into play. The regent is supposed to sleep with this sweet young thing. It turns out she tricks him into sleeping with his old finacee, who is considerably older. What he can’t tell the difference?

At least this time there were no women dressed as men.

I did like this one. At the beginning, I wasn’t sure, but when I laughed at one of the jokes. I knew this one was going to the top of charts. So far, my favorite comedy this round.

Vic Kerry


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