Troilus and Cressida

Another problem and now taking the place as my least favorite tragedy. Troilus and Cressida is a bothersome piece of work. Firstly, the title causes a lot of problems. Very little of the play concerns the affair between the two characters. Instead, it is a story of the battle of Troy.

The most bothersome part of the whole play is that it just ends. There isn’t much to tie things up. Achilles kills Hector. Troilus and Cressida fall out of love. The curtain falls.

This is very different from many Shakespearean tragedies. The ending is very bleak. Only King Lear may be darker. There is a lot of silly, bawdy humor in the play that juxtaposes the bleakness at the end. This causes problems in that I don’t know how to feel.

Ultimately, there aren’t really villains to speak of. Who do you root for?

Troilus and Cressida disappointed me.


Vic Kerry


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