A busy weekend indeed.

Greetings readers.

It was a busy weekend for me. Firstly, I live in the area of Alabama struck by the devastating tornadoes and thunderstorms. I and all my family are okay though. So many others were not, so keep those people in your thoughts, and if you pray, you might want to mention them along the way.

Secondly, I attended the World Horror Convention 2011 in Austin, Texas.  It was  really good time. I met several new people, and caught up with m old friends from Seton Hill University. I pitched my novel The Children on Lot three times and had good feedback each time. I met Jack Ketchum, and had a conversation about The Girl Next Door, and how my alter ego teaches about it in psychology. His wife asked if I still had a job.  It was  a hoot. 

I’m tired right now, but decided I needed to do some blogging. I also finished Pericles the Prince of Tyre on the airplane back from  Austin. I had finished Romeo and Juliet before I left, but haven’t blogged about it yet.

All in all WHC 2011 was fun.  I think I might do another. I hope next time that I’ll have a novel published to my credit by then.

Darkly, but not in the dark.

Vic Kerry


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