Henry VI, part 1

Joan of Arc. I didn’t expect to see her in this play. I’ll admit that going into Henry VI, part 1, I had no idea what to expect. What I got was a play with  a lot of action. It seems that this play is a large portion nothing but battles. It details the wars in France after the death of Henry V. His son is too young to rule without a regent, but his regent is power-hungry. Something else occurs in this play, the divisions that would make the warring parties in the Wars of the Roses form.

Then Joan of Arc shows up. She is in France help the French beat back the English. The play doesn’t deal a great deal with Henry himself. It instead deals with all the historical events occurring during his reign. This was an interesting read. There was a lot of history in this play that I didn’t realize happened during this period of history. There was  a lot of back stabbing and treasonous behavior going on as well. I enjoyed this play quite a lot. It is currently my favorite history play I’ve read in this endeavour. (Richard III currently still hold favorite status, although it has not been reread as of yet.)

Henry VI, part 1 + Joan of Arc = c’est maginifique!


Vic Kerry


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