Shakespeare Update

I mostly keep this for my own record, but here’s the tally so far.


1. Othello

2. Hamlet

3. Julius Caesar

4. Coriolanus

5. Timon of Athens


6. Richard II

7. Henry IV, part 1

8. Henry IV, part 2

9. Henry V

Comedies (Romances)

10. As You Like It

11. Much Ado About Nothing

12. A Comedy of Errors

13. Merry Wives of Windsor

14. Love’s Labours Lost

15. All’s Well That Ends Well

Reading . . .

Henry VI, part 1 (almost finished)

Pericles, Prince of Tyre (at the beginning of Act 3)

Up next

Romeo and Juliet (following Henry VI, part 1)

Two Noble Kinsmen (following Pericles)

In the near future

Henry VI, part 2 (probably after Romeo and Juliet. I like to take short breaks between the sequels)

Measure for Mearsure (Perhaps after Romeo and Juliet. I may need more time before Henry VI, part 2)

Trolius and Cressida (Sometime after these two)

There’s the update


Vic Kerry


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