The Sorceress by Michael Scott

The Sorceress is the third in Michael Scott’s Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. This YA series is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I particularly like how Scott brings in such a wide variety of mythical characters into the modern world.

In this volume, We find Flamel and the twins of legend, who are supposed to save the world trapped in London. The main villain of the story, Dr. John Dee, rules London, but Flamel needs for the twins to meet the oldest immortal human, Gilgamesh the King. Of course things are perilous all the way to the end. A few new characters are introduced to the reader. Shakespeare makes an appearance as a rather uncouth immortal, as does Billy the Kid.

The biggest issue I have with this series is that every book so far is a cliff hanger, which isn’t a bad thing, but they are such cliff hangers that the overall story is not resolved. What it comes down to, is that the series is a metanovel in which each individual volume is a chapter. The volume’s main issue is resolved, but everything that happens is pushing to the end of the main goal.  Yes, most series have some over all plot point. Harry Potter has the ever-present shadow of Voldemort, but each of those books stands completely alone. You are satisfied with each volume ending. I mean this in that you don’t have much overhanging plot issues left to be resolved. I’m not sure a person could pick up Scott’s books in the middle and know what is going on, and ultimately, you have to read the whole series to find out what ultimately happens with the main plot point of interest.

These books, including The Sorceress, are not poorly written. Quite the opposite, they are wonderful YA novels and possess everything that a good YA should have. I just don’t think this series will make a good movie franchise. You would have to see every movie, if they stay true to the books, to get what was happening from one movie to the next. Anyway. I like this series for its metanovel experience, and there is nothing wrong with that.


Vic Kerry


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