Merry Wives of Windsor

Ha ha! A Shakespearean comedy that is funny!

The one thing that bothers me the most about Shakespearean comedies are they have to have a wedding at the end. I understand that is part of the comedy tradition of the time. Yes, The Merry Wives of Windsor features a wedding, but it is not a major overhanging. The nice thing is that this play is a sex farce.

Falstaff, the great clown of Henry IV is the feature of this tale. He is made the fool by two different wives of Windsor who he tries to court. He gets dumped in the river and beaten as a witch in this play. There is the every present British love of men in women’s clothes. I have to say that as  a horror writer I liked this story for the humor. This has become one of my favorite Shakespearean plays.

Darkly, (and laughing)

Vic Kerry


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