A shout out.

I’ve not posted anything in a while, and there is a reason. I’ve been fighting off the cold of death. I’ve been reading during that time, and I wrote a guest blog for my friend Kristin Dearborn, who is currently training to teach English in Egypt. Today I want to talk about a shout out. As we get older, we experience fewer and fewer firsts. It’s sad because firsts are always the most fun and memorable. Today I received a digital copy of my friend and mentor, Scott A. Johnson’s newest book Pages. In the author section, he thanks me and several others (including the previously mentioned, Kristin). This is a first for me. I’ve never been thanked in author section. It was really cool.

By the way, if you pick up that book once it goes into full print and is available in stores, you won’t find a shout out to Vic. It’ll be under my real name, but I know it’s there all the same.


Vic Kerry (which is a pen name).


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