Much Ado About Nothing

I’ve not been as faithful about updating the blog as I had intended. I finished Much Ado About Nothing earlier this week. I finished the previous play last week but didn’t take time to write about it. 

In my previous entry, I talked very briefly about A Comedy of Errors. This play I liked. It made me chuckle, mostly due to the slapstick nature of the humor. I cannot say the same for Much Ado About Nothing. Never has Shakespeare titled a work so appropriately. To date, this is most boring play I’ve read by the Bard. I didn’t care abou the characters and half the time I didn’t know what was going on. I trudged through each scene, nay, each line just because I set myself the goal of getting through Shakespeare. If it hadn’t been for this, Much Ado About Nothing would have been abandoned very earlier on.

I can’t talk too much about the plot because I had a hard time following it due to overwhelming boredom. Like many of Shakespeare’s comedies, there is a wedding to come. In the case of this play, Don John decides that he doesn’t like the groom and sets about to end the betrothal and marriage. He succeeds to a point, but the marriage goes on anyway. We find out that there was much ado about nothing. The whole play was nothing.

The puns in this work were tired and old when Shakespeare wrote them. The characters are lifeless. I couldn’t tell you Don Pedro from Don John from Claudio, except Don John is the villian.

I’m glad this one ended. It prompted me to take a break from comedy for a few plays. The next plays are going to be histories. I’m going to cover the cycle from Richard II, Henry IV parts 1 and 2, and Henry V. Ambitious?

Avoid Much Ado About Nothing like a nail in your foot.


Vic Kerry


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