The Magician by Michael Scott.

I like YA fantasy. I cannot get around that fact. When I was a kid, C.S. Lewis’ Narnia Chronicals were a favorite of mine. Later, I discovered Harry Potter. I’ve missed the adventures that Rowling set out with her series. Then a local high school student introduced my wife to Michael Scott’s The Alchemyst. She then introduced me to it. I loved it. Scott took ancient beliefs in the gods and mixed it with historical people like Nicholas Flamel, and gave the world this series.

The Magician is the second book of this series. A set of twins are at the heart of the story. They hold the power to destroy or save the world through the magic possesed in their auras. It all goes from there. The book, and so far the series, has everything a reader would want. There is adventure, mystery, of course fantasy, and even at times horror. Scott brings in all the mythical creatures not just the gods.

Vampires appear in the book, but of the variety that true folklore and mythology talk about. The great thing is they don’t glisten in the sun like some other YA fantasy vamps. Interesting monsters exist in this world. Dagon, who was worshipped as a god in ancient Palenstine, is a key villian. Being a horror writer, I know him from his many appearances in the works of H.P. Lovecraft. There are even some hints laid out that we might get a glimpse of some of the other Great Old Ones. I’ve not completed the series so I don’t know if this will be the case, but there is always hope.

Check out this series. So far, I’m not disappointed, and I’m easy to disappoint.

Vic Kerry


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